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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  December 2, 2012 3:00pm-5:30pm EST

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ak or $80 off --80 remaining in the dark can add this to bedroom, living room kit tin any way you need warmth and the beauty of the fireplace. he will love this. this is the aboriginaportrait fireplace. lou caputo thank you my friend very much. coming up we do not want to miss what lori leland is bringing.the rc 8 dvd cd player it sells $129 we have final quantities for the season. on sale at a holiday price 4
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flex payments $32.49
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>>host: it is $199.95 and free estimates and wallet last 5 lights payments $39.99 gateway great present periods >>guest: thisc13 really quick presentation so i am going to get this is the lowest price we have never done on the kindle fire ted dollars price
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tablet we have ever had with the rest of the year. you want to buy the-s tablet is this guy. in android based system that plays flash.
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the material this is made out is 30 percent stiffer and 20 percent more durable thanvplastic so even the screen (...)it will take a licking and keeps on ticking. >>host: this will sell out.we call our friends at kindle and asked if we can do more tonight. snuck this in for a 10 minute encore presentation but i was on line and bought two and i should not say this on tv but when a buyer for a family member is no if you know what i am saying. it back of a product. dual-core processor means it is twice as fast. did the white
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case sell out? we only havelack case left the ivory 1 sold out. it comes in a beautiful case and bow and go. >>guest: obviously we know the kindle is a great e-reader that is just the beginning. carrousel (...) gaming you can download 22 million apps from games to books to magazines to newspapers and all those different things like movies and tv plays video and a great photo viewer. is a map quest application that i downloaded. but i
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also the microsoft office applicationsf you want to download netflix or facebook for all sorts of those things are available+ but when you think about a tablet think about everything that you do on a laptop or computer.mail or receiving an e-mail or attaching something to it or opening the attachment. basically everything you dodownloading videos from netflix now you can do it in tablet that 14 ounces and lasts nine hours of battery life.there will not be a less expensive tablet for the rest of the year so not do denigrate price but the number-one selling 7 in.6 c13 country. >>host: just went to here in the studio and some of the more
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priciers and pads are more expensive than this one. and they are not even this fast. you can use the hsn appwill bring the application to you. a shopping device and even kindle and enter into a live chat we only have four minutes left in the and it was not supposed to be scheduled to be in the show but we had to rewrite a lot of shows because the micro bullet sold out. >>guest: remember that when i say all these things that juice are paying less than $200.f --
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that you [reading] we have still for the amazon if we can take a look at that ? your tablets is only good as the appstore it can access. there are tens of thousands apps that you can access through the appstore. an act that is free and there are hundreds of applications that are always free. [reading]
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>>host: you can do twitter from the coffee and you will not be charged an extra nickel because you will be using a wi-fi hot spot. you can chat with friends or use a chat applications that is available in the amazon storappstore. it is called the kindle fire and we have an exclusive in this configuration.6 c13 may be able to go on the internet and find other kindles but not thisyou received a stylus voucher to simpl and
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the earbuds. hsn did not have a busy year thanksgifting weekend and in this continuing. are scrambling around trying to add products to the shows because everything the salal. as sold out. -- has >>host: youtube, facebook twitter shopping, e-mail and more. >>guest: there is a reason why nearly 25,000 have been sold. it is the most frequently purchased seven statelets in the whole country
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with the kindle name behind it and it is an amazon product. for the rest of the year you will not see a tablet of any name or brand that is a lower than at this. >>host: 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon and 25,000 will be sold in just a few minutes. another 12-1500 customers will order you are scheduled to be back when? for >>guest: pm. >>host: it is a probably been -- 4pm >>host: this is your chance and it is amazing. thank you for your6 c13 for going to and adding it to your shopping cart lowest price ever on the kindle fire. we also have the toshiba wi-fi media
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streamer blu-ray player in sells out quantities. this will also allow you to enjoy it several other on-line sites like netflix blockbuster on the man, vudu etc. -- on demand bill duggan is coming up with it. it is a great holiday the meantime and lori leland is going to be joining us.we have offered things for years that are dvd player back and they used to be a lot bigger. they used to be like $600 and you walk to the store depressed but not today from rca one of the leading brands. second to
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the largest dvd player we offer here at hsn. it comes in blue or white and the carry case and 2 sets of earbuds. also of music them and said rca has arranged for you it is little portable media center. you have the output jacks right there and you can a measure main dvd player if you want to. $32.49 a month on your credit card on flex pay and is reduced from $159.952 $129.95. item235. here is lorid, one
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of our electronic experts to tell you all about it. >>guest: hi bill do not you love the big een? it is an upgrade from 7 in. media player. you are getting realistic than ever before and i love the size of are not sacrificing anything it is 2 in. slam and 2 lbs. and we are including the fabulous caserca, a fabulous company dating back from 1919.a gorgeous color around the edge and we are down to the blue or the white and this is the last of the quantity for the entire year if you want to get this one. >>host: customers trying to call should be diverted to or
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express automated ordering. can you share with me how many have left in each color 80 in the blue and 800 in the white. i love the white. >>guest: i like the piano key white or black. both gender friendly for boys or girls and is a great gift for the holiday season. we had in last year and it sold out and it was difficult to get back again and now we have the file quantities. >>host: the tension and the second-largest we have had and is going to disappear with 900 left with no guarantee we will get any back for christmas. people definitelyed%
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fog up electronic gifts for the holidays. you can happen in the back seat and they can watch dvd's. also you receive a remote control. >>guest: you do and we are even including the battery and these pockets and you can carry your media with you and this is an upgrade that we are including four new and it would normally be a cost.battery and we are coin to include the earbuds splitter. we are including in and 2 sets of earbuds. c13 all you do is pop in in and then you putting your headphones just like that and you are getting 2 sets. of
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the earbuds id has and e v out. it has an e the av output. up to any tv. it plays in any of your shiny. your cds it will also play st cards and other camcorders and cameras. and sd card up front and you can also play your thumb drive all of your other media will play here and one of the big screen's we have ever offered
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and it has over 170 reviews and it is a huge customer pick. >>host: 2 uc helping the screen is? -- do you we are going to fill screen see you are watching the movie from the dvd player. >>guest: look at that! the quality is outstanding. are you watching this and saying to yourself oh my gosh is like the dvd is playing in my home. the blue just salal nl 600 left for the entire country. -- and just sold out >>host: 80 do have the hsn app -- if you do not
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have the hsn app yet, let me tell you how easy it is. people love chatting in the hsn live chat it is **hsnill give you a link to download the an app. if you go to from your computer you can keep track of things and added to a wish list and an added to your shopping cart later on. shop and secure your order now and you could always postpone or cancel your order before midnight. you are going to love this and the blue just sold out and we only have the white is the only one left and inventory
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with the 10 in. footprint. if you are burning pictures suggests2 all that good stuff and you know callie's is now acting in place. this is your opportunity and now under 700 left with all the customer shopping it will be all but gone by the end of the hour. >>guest: absolutely last quantities for the rest of the beginning dolby digital surround sound as.sound with this. you do not have to use the earbuds unless you want to and we are including it for you and great sound
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quality. 3 adjust your volume in the case. if you thought about getting the in your vehicle where is $2,000 to upgrade, this is so much more13 and you can do much more with it. uneveness of watching a all i do is touch the stop button and it is instantaneously detecting the new device and showing me everything that pops up on the thumb drive. -- even though i am anything >>guest: you have on your thumb drive like music and movies and pictures (...) your sd too. >>host: it is a total media are not slapping
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cds movies and photos and on a nasty card you can really by big ones today. they month 32 gb and for the price this compact dvd player is going to be a great little entertainment system and what a great sales tool for relators. for teachers and educational purposes. i am going to stop this over here and it will look like the clouds are rolling into your living room. >>guest: look how big this guy is. e sky is. >>host: is available in white and what a great look for a guy
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or a girl? in your bathroom and you kenyas and as a music system and playback your favorite disc. >>guest: this isnts and the most popular size.i love these independent colors the juice cannot get elsewhere. it is an
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all media player and i love how streamline in this is about 2 in. slam. it has anut so you can plug into a different tv. any tv in to any tv. eve in the hotel room. -- even >>guest: we include the splitter for you as well or you can plug it right in here. dolby digital's stereo sound and is still only 2 lbs.. >>host: gift to show and you love him but maybe you are on a budget.
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this will cost you a dollar a day if you want to use flex payment options. if you try to figure out what is great for your granddaughter or daughter for the holidays maybe you feel other touch with the world of electronics and let the buyers be the guy. they go to the electronic shows and pick out the best of the best. just leading the paramount companies. you receive the case and you get the earbuds and you can also put beats
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by dr. dre in this.if you have made a customer pick we would love to hear your testimonial. it is almost gone and 400 now remaining. here is your case! so many of you are looking for great presents so log on to each ascend or --you >>host: thank you lori chukerman is standing by to share the hsn spotlight. [♪music♪] thanks and welcome to the go to guide all things hsn. discover best way to shop
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with the hsn credit card or benefits, the extra flex pays and you will $20 on your first purchase of $20 or can apply at 1-800-695-1418 and type in hsn card. be sure you join us tonight for3 launch of a brand new today's special and colleen lopez has can selected a beautiful pair of herkimer diamonds stilettoed earrings. a sheet and elegant pair of earrings and join us for the best buy of the day and the launch of a brand new today's special. -- stiletto earrings. a chic and elegant peair (...) [commercial]
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[reading] [♪music♪] >>host: ho. h o, ho and welcome to hsn.i am bill green and i am going to introduce you to bill duggan, another
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one of our electronic experts.this is from toshiba and you not going to see two guys selling a tv and dvd player it is much more. -- cd and dvd >>host: it is your media streamer and this is and sell out quantities and this is why netflix and blockbuster and youtube and picassoetc it will connect to wi-fi unit and is ultra slim and only $89.95 and this is no joke. you combine the smart boxes receiving a toshiba brand media
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player that is also a media planner and please wacom bill duggan. -- welcome >>guest: it is a blu-ray and that is the highest of high definition and video content out there. you will see blu-ray out there and also your standard definition dvd players but 7 outgoing hd because they cannot keep up with both.blu-ray is the highest definition and imagery and sound that all of the cinnamon taw (...)you are getting a blu- ray player at $100 and then it is a media streamer and we sell just media streamers for about $90. >>host: it is almost
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$80 is the right berdarrell? >>guest: media streamers are great but the fact you are getting to in one is an amazing value. >>host: and the same purchase and you are getting both the last show on if you were purchased one of the smart boxes that converts regularto a high-definition tv, there is one right there on and it does not make sense not to buy this for an $10. you receive the hdmi cable and that is like a 10 $20 purchase. to >>guest: 3 video and when you can turn your tv (...) you may have a good tv but not a smart tv and now you can turn it a smart tv with internet radio and pandora and and youtube and picass a etc.
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>>guest: everything is projected right to your tv. takes care of all that. >>host: i finally gave it and ordered netflix and hulu and you will not believe the movies. it will save you from having buy a movie. i want you to imagine on limited movie rentals for $7 plus tax. 7 -- $95 plus tax. try to rent 10
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movies and see with the price will be. you get it built into this toshiba unit andhad one more other and it's sold out completely but i understand we tried to get more but are not able is also a picture viewer witha have been able to pull it up because of the video streamer. if i want to go to the cost of the press of a button. you are getting the toshiba wi-fi media streamer and then a blu-ray and seven out of eight hollywood and going blu-ray
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because that is the best format to watch a movie send anyone you to take advantage of it. youtube see camacho's funny beers and you can do that% through your tv.
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>>host: some of your favorite celebrities from anywhere are on youtube and summer your favorite hsn shows are on youtube. we are inundated with calls and people are ordering a second and third of the today's special kindle fire.this will be gone for the holidays it is a toshibaplease do not be confused it is a blu-ray player and media straightener it is to products in one at a price of one. 6 c13 will tell you use the media streaming capability it automatically converts to the hdtv media center we will go back and show you all the features. i would recommend you added to your shopping cart in flex pay expires at the end of the show i
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believe? >>guest: you are getting the bluetooth technology and the media streamer the movie houses are going blu- ray now. when you add the media streaming capability and turning your tv the you invested a lot of money to a smart tv and you can use it as a slide show and there a usb port in the toshiba streamer and blu-ray player. i do not have to hook up another device becomes a multimedia center and turn your tv with high- definition in great picture quality for media experience and you are streaming directly to it and you are streaming her family photos and in this so much more than a media
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player. >>host: we will bring the item number of bundt but if you want to shop this and other electronic items you can do that by going to 1080 p item 198-9 810. darrell if you can check on this tv, it is brilliant. >>guest: screen is arepa what i love wirelessly the blu- ray player was invalid take all these family memories and projected on the tv because of the usb port. you have the blu-ray player hooked up to your tv and let's go back to media streamers' we have sold it is and $80 value to
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turn your tv into a smart tv seem to have mukluks directly on your tv. great because instead of being monthly subscriber you pay per and the library is phenomenal. you can get on the facebooking news channels they do not normally get and look and all the content you >>host: 900 customers are all trying to order it.look and all the icons that represent additional entertainment and tv shows and movies etc.. i am going to surprise you with this but we are going to do it anywhere because i am bill green and i can. tv and only $899 and we are going to bring up the full graphics to
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show you i'd done away you confided tv like this anywhere in america and is the lowest price ever on the hsn credit card with nine months' interest free.$100 off and it is free shipping and handling and 5 flex payments and any credit card. months' interest rate on the hsn mastercard or carved. is item 231- 789. car -- card >>host: if you want the blu-ray player is not just a dvd player but a media streamer. >>guest: have said home and if they're not blu-ray then that is not the highest of high definition. they want you and your family with the same quality to watch and
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see all the vibrant purple some action and blu-ray gives you that3 having to have ghosting or shadowing or any of that stuff. we all want to the blu-ray that is the way of the future. blu- players in the past have been over $100 but this $89 and then when you add the media and that is when it becomes a full- fledged interactive media experience. the press of one but 90 get on to netflix right here. i push this one fun and go to the home13 and then it turns my tv into a media streaming experience. this blu-ray streamer goes to your wireless internet you just log in and then your set up and ready to go. and when the jump into
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on the big screen in the living room. whether the pictures of knees toward the family vacation you can pull them up and with the press of a button it is more than a blu-ray player of the multimedia experience for the whole family.if you thought about upgrading to a better dvd player, this is the one you want to have because there is blue requires that a just blu-ray and you are going to get an easing content the when youk at the toshiba today it is more than a blu-ray player and it is amazing. >>host: this is a great tip for the whole and is so much easier and nicer to buy someone a gift like this for the whole family. we are 20 check-in with marlo and she wants to tell you about her show coming up and she her holiday gift picks this is a big deal and something she is
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working on for a long time. if you want the toshiba blu-ray player and the media streamer i would be ordering and now because you cannot finest anywhere else in this configuration they did something special for you.if it is on flex pay. marlo is coming up with her holiday gifts picks very soon and take a look you share with you more about it. [commercial]
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[reading] [♪music♪] >>host: ready, set shop. [laughter] if you just joining siam bill green and i am being a little is greater at the holidays. this is one of the one of the best gifts you can give anyone in this thicket of communication and the internet and texting and of and lg touch screen. the very c13 the ever brought to you in the world like this in the world ofas an
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lg and today's special for host pick and it sold out in the day and i think it 30,000 40,000 phones. this one looks like the i guys fun but it is much less at $119.95. i am thinking of getting this one and canceling my subscription to the same service.i am trying my best to try to figure out how to do this. you order your color way will se you an lg touchscreen camera phone with 1400 minutes, that's the equivalent of (...) you are guaranteed triple minutes for a life power by at&t and t- mobile and you jamaica international calls with the stone.
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please welcome melissa dawson. >>guest: no contracts for credit checks and you do get on the internet with the latest thing greatest features. you get the phone and 1400 minutes equivalent to 2300 hours of talk timec13 it. in getting the car charger, home
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charger, and 2 gb of memory and it comes black case on the back and we are going to give you the option of picking up a second color like red blue purple, and the animal prints as well. >>host: first of all is a fashion fun and look heal andow how thin it callsfi or the internet and there is no dede usage when you are in a hot spot. --dast data usage >>guest: 3g your gettingc13 fast speed. the
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phone on the right look how much faster it is loading. we 6 c13 and doing shopping and going page to page but the phone on the left is still trying to connect. if you are frustrated with getting on and dealing with slow speeds whenever you are connected to6 c13 hot spot you are using it for free. cla to the phone because you are going to have faster speeds and beyondthe online for free and on and youtube etc. all for free. this the nature mp3 player, a text messaging device, gives you the ability to national international or all over the world. camera and
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with a camcorder bill also and you can send off a message have wi-fi connectivity and social and twitter available and free international calling and we are going to talk about that because no other has that. this6 c13 google maps included and this is the misfeature rich phone we have never offered here at hsn but it is all without a contract. many people have bought this for their parents because (...) >>host: with a great camera! most cameras wish they had a lens like this. the black case automatically comes with it and then you can change out the back plates these are fine fashion colors the zebra or the leopard and
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animal print is here to stay in the world of fashion. we the purple pink, super hero blue and the red. there is not a parent, grandparent, uncle or child that will not love this phone. >>guest: and you have up one year of service because the 1400 minutes last four period 82 megapixel camera you are getting included you can print out 8 1/2" x 11" borderless those and the picture quality3 amazing in you can take pictures on the go. it is all here for you and now let's talk about the coverage. it is my favorite thing because the coverage is amazing and it at&t and t-mobile towers so you are getting more coverage in more places. you are getting the green
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coverage. we are giving better coverage than if you were with at&t because it is t- mobile also and it is double the towers. >>host: how could you not have the stone even for an emergency at $119.95? no credit checks. you are may be embarrassed to go into a phone store because you know they will do a credit check and then you will not get the phone? we all have lives and we all have and it happens. is the latest and from hsn in terms 3g network and lg phone and 1400 minutes of talk time that are good for yea year. we are the electronic retailer that started it here at
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hsn and people have copied us but have not brought you some of the phones that we >>caller: have >>guest: we bring you the latest and greatest. >>host: is easy to use and large numbers if you are like me who has to wear glasses to see. >>guest: i am glad you said that because it is an easy to use phone. but has many features as you would want have. >>host: you have a bill in gps6 c13 >>guest: if you want to wait until the morning to see how the traffic is, pushed on the will navigate all the trafficand you turn by turn directions and it even has something called google st. view. we
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never have these features. traffic information looking for that great smartphone it is here for you. the text messaging screen you go to insert and you can record a video and insert it right into their. i will 21 to bill. >>guest: hey bi i love being on the air with you today. care bye bye. this will inserted into the text message and then i am going to send to your fund and this is what you will hear. [electronic
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voice] >>guest: you imagine you are a grandmother and want to send your grandson a text sang happy birthday? it is very interactive. the fundsthousands of dollars to not have this technology. -- phones >>host: laura in indiana has been waiting. you are updating your parent tracfone? >>caller: i have this new one and is wonderful! >>host: being super,? how is, >>caller: a [laughter] c13 pictures and de text messaging and i guy read to match my red
3:54 pm
car. -- the >>guest: can you talk to customers that have not experienced tracfone. how is the coverage? >>caller: the coverage is wonderful i've called everywhere in the united states. >>host: have you ever had to make an international call? >>caller: not yet. >>host: we will cover the countries that we offer. i >>caller: love this funny keep up great work. bye-bye. >>host: that was loren in indiana and we want to hear from you also addt 1-866-376-talk 1-866-376-talk 1-866-376-talk 1-866-376-talk 1-866-376-talk. -- laura >>host: we brought this 4 holiday host pick and we have brought it back. >>host: $119.95, free shipping and handling, 4 flex payments (...) >>guest: over 100
3:55 pm
international destinations included. youthing call the following countries below. [reading] >>host: >>guest: you are getting 1400es the you can call all over the world with. a lot of us pay $2 a minute to make internationalif you do kind of international calling, and this is the phone you want to pick up it is a local call to call even your mom in the other carrier offers that free international calling except for tracfone. any time you buy minutes in the future they will triple. you are getting more value with us the time and the number one question i get can i keep
3:56 pm
current phone number? yes with any carrier can keep the same phone number and with existing tracfone customers today is the day to upgrade because we you are getting the phone for free and we are giving you more minutes than the price of the >>host: when you enroll in a tracfone system or plan, this is an idea that you get less service but instead you get more because6 c13 mobile and to our coverage. -- >>host: 3 g technolog3g technology means is fast. it is how fast it will up pages on the internet. if you are
3:57 pm
shopping online or here at when you go to the descent live chat you can download it and when you have wi-fi you will not pay extra to be on it. this will be your new ordering device for shopping on hsn and you an uneven have to log on to the computer or make a phone call. try it and you receive one1400 minutes and $140 value and that is more than the price on the screen now. this normally sells on hsn for $149.95. [reading] >>host: this is an over $239 value and
3:58 pm
not available elsewhere. >>guest: the blue is gone! and the pink is going to go so you want to get on this quickly. if you are giving it as a gift, you have untilto activated so you can give as a and tuck and under the tree and you have until the end of january to activate it. there is no contract and he did not have to give any personal information today. you get them today and there is a year of service and they can just add more minutes as they need. it is the easiest way to give the gift of a cell phone. if you are giving it to say your mommy do not want to pay a contract and then have to pay the bill. the 1400 minutes will last you for the whole year.
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>>host: if you do not want to your staff accountable for how many minutes, get c13 tracfone for business purposes they are great.6 c13 especially if you monitor how much time that you use today. contract and received a phone and you can activate it in january if you are giving as a present. we sold out of the blue and we brought it in for the holiday shopping season and looks like 6000 customers and ordered in it and it is of first presentation. the blue has sold out and we have 4900 left between callers so this is it and if you want free shipping and handling you do a great job with cell
4:00 pm
phones >>guest: good to be here, thank you. >>host: make sure you send me that video? >>guest: ok i will send it to you. >>host: coming up with another presentation of the kindle fire.-- marlo is coming up with another presentation of the kindle fire. >>host: i love bill green he is really one of my best friends. did not i call you last? he was shaving.i said i just want to you and tell you that i love you. happy holidays to you and is nice to have the shopping with us at. i am marlo smith and the emigration a plan for you.
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>>host: this is the lowest price window is a laptop-- windows-8.11.6 cents laptop. you need a computer or laptop and want to spend less than $100? you have got it.11.6 in. you need also something to protect your laptop even% android here is the 2013 anti-virus 10 pc licenses for a lifetime. for one investment of under $90 and then three flexpayments of $29.98. there can only be one star of
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the day and i am holding is the kindle-fire. wherever you go this holiday season make no doubt about it there is no doubt, the hottest gift to give this season is the tablet the kindle-fire is the best selling 7 in. tablet in the country. we have it today as our best buy and at the lowest price. take a look at this. [♪ music ♪] >>host: this hour is going to be the hour that the difference. and we are going to get this to you immediately the holiday extended return policy. itout the kindle-fire. as i mentioned, tablets of the number one give to give this holiday season.c13 are offering the most tablet that we are doing for the rest of holiday season. it is our lowest price ever on the kindle-fire. lowest price for the rest of the season.this will be the
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best selling 7 in. tablet across the board. the experience is second to none. this is a tablet that we talk6 c13 features as if we are selling a computer. we are talking dualcore. that is a feature you talk with speed and processing speed when it comes to a computer. memory.n that because you know not all tablets are the same. one not only has a 1.2 gigahertz processor, 8 gb 7 turtle memory giving you a unlimited cloud storage pull your amazon content. --internal memory. this could add your photos, music, movies. we have already sold over 20,000. myself i will be ordering it as everything you need. for work fun
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facebook13 media, email. of $50 more. free shipping, check out the flexpay. who want to play games like angry birds or even the adults who like to play games. this is one you want to get on-line for early. i will show you what you get an errantthat aaron berger will be out here.we have a certain amount of quantity we will ship immediately but we are this close to having what we call extended delivery. if you want to get yours right away because what we ship within 48 hours. i just want to make sure, a lot of people are shopping with us to have never shopped with us hsn we have flexpay you do not need to qualify for. you just need
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to a major credit card. all we need is her name address and we could even ship it to another in another city or state it does not cost you anything. $39.99 plus tax today and it gets shipped within 48 hours. anybody who calls after theext two hours i would say in all likelihood will go into extended delivery. they may have to wait a little bit longer to get their kindle- fire.and here is what you get the usb that is how charge it stylus earbudsa $25 gift certificate. aaron berger is esses are electronic expert. he has sold every single tablet (...) >>guest: known to man, womanild >>host: that is not an exaggeration. >>guest: we have got to sell a lot of great tablets but not more popular than this. it probably has been
4:06 pm
the most popular today's special i have done with 25,000 out the door. and it is 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon. --4:00 p.m.. it is the lowest price we have ever done on the can pole, we have sold the kindle-fire before- a-kid pole. kindle 13 do on any tablet for the rest of thef you want to do email watch a video, download movies applications this is it. this is the one. the top selling 7 in. tablet in the country. let me show you something.c13 want to drive home the point. did you see how fast that was going to the kindle-fire browser is 40% faster than it used to be. because this is
4:07 pm
latest kindle-fire.get it home for under $40 on flexpay with free shipping. >>host: the big deal is not everybody has a tablet.if you have been curious because they have been out a couple years now. maybe you have heard of other brand names and there is a lot of great choices. what a great way to finally get oneme for $40. and this is perfect because it is the holiday season remember,if your purchase is a gift hsn's return policy is now extended until january 31st, 2013! this applies until december 20, 2012. what you do not have after today is the lowest price on the kindle-fire. the reduced price or free shipping and the flexpay of $39.99. i want you to get up, get on the fall or go to your computer or shop-by-remote. and i would love for you to see why people love tablets. --get on the phone
4:08 pm
have a laptop coming up which is certainly have their place. tablets or another thing. >>guest: the portability of a tablet is what makes us excited. you know what this weighs? 14 oz. there is a good chance you have a hamburger that weighs more than this. the battery life is nine hours.we have mobile lives. i was talking to my mother she is 70. she said my friends have a fit when you tell everybody how old i am. is 70 but she looks great. she said to say that. she is the most humble. she is like condo not tell people that here but i was talking to her she said she has a cand. she has the original. my mother like many other people in the country want to upgrade today because this is the kindle-fire. not
4:09 pm
only is it the best reader in the world but you can play all your games your video, processes so much quicker because of the dualcore processor. all that for the lowest price. you know marlo has taught me some dance steps in our time together. this is not cut the cake buttoned celebration and the impossible task of teaching me how to dance i am cut the rope --playing look at that. >>host: i have video going on. this is such a remarkable chance to get most exciting (...)for you want a tablet and want this experience. once you go tablet, (...)it is so fluid and the kindle-fire on that note is 40% and more fluid than the other models. you think can you
4:10 pm
imagine if i said i would give you 40 percent more money? >>guest: what are you waiting for? >>host: please go to the phone lines to order. this is what a christmas experience is supposed to be like. getting an iconic of like a tablet, kindle-fire which is brand newrecognition through the roof. to get the upgraded features. we talked about the dualcore, ram, those we usually talk about what we are featuring computers. this is a tablet! what does that mean? it can do more. 25,000 gone. $39.99 on your first flexpay with free shipping. lies until december 20, 2012. let us go down the list. if you are a social network person twitter facebook. >>guest: you asked me a question and
4:11 pm
you said why tablet and not computer? and i started talking about my mom?. we all live mobile lives somehow. even my mother who is 70we all do it. but you want to do what we normally on the go like a computer. email, social networking, get online, i have download a free map quest program. 6 c13 lincoln. this was a picture attached to the e-mail i just got. or if you want to do mapping on- the-go. that is why people choose to get them. our computer is great6 c13 so great.e will one minute mod, a lot of us frankly most of us we want both. the power of a computer when we are at home, but for writing email, all the
4:12 pm
findings you want a tablet. --fun things >>host: and it is only 7 in. which the number one selling size and is lightweight. average computer weighs about 7-8 oz some are as much as 10 lbs.. less than 1 lb..if you are traveling you want something to 10 lbs. or something less than 1 lb.? in a number of ways you can shop with the choose a way that works well. maybe you are in internet or mobile person. i think it is place your order to cell phone or going on line or you can shop-by-remote where you live. you press a button now you have the today's special coming your way. like my mother she will call and want to talk to somebody. you can call our toll- 800 number. whatever happened you choose
4:13 pm
is your way of getting it. this is the kindle-fire and i need to show you the box. >>guest: a beautiful package by the way. >>host: there are crazy stories out there with that why your headache begins. and then you get in the store and it is hard to find somebody that can give you a full spectrum of what the product delivers. i like the idea you do not need to wait in. from home now, for a fraction of the cost you do not even need to pay for the whole thing. some of you are getting them fromyour grandchildren and speaking of, children love tablets. my nephews who are 5, 8,they ask for tablets. do not lisa price out of the box it is like they are born knowing how to use them. >>guest: for kids there is one thing calledkindle free time. you can give them their
4:14 pm
lock in, that means they cannot get into your stuff or e- mail. and it lets you control how to use it. if you only want them playing games one hour a day or they could read five hours a day if they want. 30 times more durable than plastic. any plastic toy trucks and trains they banged around. >>host: you have got to get this for the kids. >>guest: stronger than that.beautiful for the kids. two things i want to tell you about. first, i downloaded the map quest application for free. i wanted to voice navigation it has voice navigation built in. on a 7 in. screen. that was a free application by downloaded. the other thing because i do not think we
4:15 pm
haven't yet i want to go to the features. --by downloaded --i remember this is a dualcore tablet. full 7 in. screen. a 1.2 gigahertz processor. and this is android based top selling operating system in the country. has 8 gb of memory. plays flash video not like the tablets at the mall that are literally three-four times as much this place flash video and has on ltd. cloud storage. if you are doing kindle-fire content anything you download from the amazon appstore, movies bookstv games. anything c13 download will be backed up on the amazon-cloud which means this will never be out of space. it screens wirelessly basically from amazon servers. streams
4:16 pm
you can put as much as you want on3 tablet from the amazon appstore and never run out of space. they will store extra content for you. access to millions of books, movies, tv. >>host: listen to them! you love it. and i do get personalized time so it is great for the family. whether you are reading a book or listening to music or you can get hbo- go, pandora. what can you not do? it is so perfect. it really is.if you would like to have one what a beautiful way to be ableet it. it is our lowest price selling 7 in. tablet out there. in the entire country.and you have got free shipping. no matter what you are shopping for free
4:17 pm
shipping is nice and then you have flexpay. a lot of times people watched and did not get it. maybe you think you have to fill out an application, you do not. the only requirement is a major credit card. you probablyc13 discover mastercard one of them. you pick up the phone or go online $39.99 plus tax on your first payment. that is what they will put on your credit card today and then make a commitment to make a succ and it gets delivered immediately. speaking of, i want to make certain everybody understands because almost 20,000 sold26,000 sold we have a certain amount to ship immediately and once the quantity is gone then we extended delivery. not that that is a bad thing but you will get it before christmas but i want mine now. >>guest: 75%
4:18 pm
immediate delivery is out of here. >>host: you have got to get off your bottom and place your order. because i know you want it right away because it makes you feel good when you have it. >>guest: as fun as it is to watch and i love doing3 presentations and i hope they are fun to watch. it is an experience you have to have for yourself whether you are reading. i want to mention another thing about reading. reading some books or an elderly person this will read a book to. it has text to speech. the play button it is reading to me. is that not extraordinary? think of how useful. if there is some older maybe they want a bible read to them. or who want a
4:19 pm
sops fables read to them. --aesops i also want to recommend the case. this uk's we have an orange, red, black. --our io we will not have any after this. kindle. --ityou could rotate pivot, use it as a stand. >>host: by the way the item number of the cases at the bottom of your tv. i want to give a shout out to people on the live-chat, this person got the kindle-fire last night. this is awesome. i do not have another word for it. just awesome. said i am going to be buying it today to give it as a gift how could you mess? is the
4:20 pm
number one best- selling tablet in its category on the 7 in.. and it is 40% more faster before. even if you have a kindle-fire before, this is (...)is 40% faster and more fluid. when we talk about the millions of moviessongs, photographs reading. the social networking for games, email. and even work. even documents you can create from work, you can literally do it all. it weighs less than 1 lb. and is $39.99 plus tax to get home. but on your credit card and get it home. aaron berger talked about children. this is the world they live in. i think about me i am 40 and a mother who is a baby boomer. anybody at any age group there is something here for everybody.the experience
4:21 pm
is so delightful and fun. it will be a joy to only product like this and it is name brand. when you look at the hottest tablets out there, i can guarantee you kindle-fire is there. you will be happy purchased it. we have got seven minutes remaining. if you want to be in the group of people that get it shipped immediately, get your% carol's calling from florida. happy holidays. >>caller: happy holidays. >>host: thank you for being at hsn, did you get the kindle-fire? >>guest: yes i am a kindle lady. i got my kids 3 of the regular and now it is time to move on to the fire. >>host: moving and grooving. what do you think about that value? >>caller: you cannot beaded.t it. >>host: for somebody obviously you are familiar with tablets but for people who are not- i want to kind
4:22 pm
of reach out to them. the experience and i think aaron berger said it, they are fun are they not? >>caller: 0 yes. easy to learn. >>host: the graphics, to me, they are (...)they pop out. they are so much more bold.i love it. i know you do because you are getting another. >>caller: i would never leave my house without my >>host: merry christmas thank you for shopping. by by carol. if you are just tuning in we are presenting to you what we call our today's special. this guy in the handsome red shirt is aaron berger our electronic expert. like to tell you what you get and start the presentation over from the beginning because i we get excited and start talking fast because we are like that. you know3
4:23 pm
it goes. but i want to kind of slow down a little bit take you through top to bottom so you can be a part of this incredible day. this is the only day we are offering it at this price. the first time we offered it as a today's special. you get your kindle- fire, look at the video! usb cable stylus earbuds3 even at $25. this $249 today plus tax. today you have the free shipping in the 5 flexpayments of $39.99. and you can shop anyway you like. in burger will take us through top to bottom as i cough. >>guest: what can you do? you can watch a video, line, read email. think of anything you could do on a computer you can do on the kindle just in a more portable way or may be faster. and by touch because everything is touchscreen. we
4:24 pm
do include a stylus or you could use your fingers. it is up to you. sometimes you can be more accurate with a stylus. when i play games i like to use mys appear in the amazon appstore. these are the applications i have downloaded already but i could go to the apps-store. and it is great to remind you how super thin thises and making it super portable. also the only ways 14 oz. loading things from the apps-store. you can download 22 million different pieces of can download movies, games, applications, magazines, newspapers books you name it. if you want there is an application for that as they say. there is a paid application for free everyday which i
4:25 pm
love. in application normally you would have to pay for you get it for free every day. anywhere from 99¢$3 and there are thousands of free applications. millions of books to download. 1.2 million. several million that are free public domain books. this is your never be born again device. >>host: everybody has a tablet. bored now you have yours as well and you will not only have one but you have a name brand. let us a hello to barbara from michigan. welcome to hsn happy holidays, i understand you are very excited to get the today's special. >>caller: yeah, i have been watching the kindle-fire for christmas and i never had a tablet before. so i know people that have them and they love the original kindle so i figured if i am going to go i will hold lot and get the best. >>host: i do not
4:26 pm
blame you. i do not think we could have made easier with free shipping and flexpay? >>caller: not only that all the things you throw in. when i saw kindle i just called, i did not care what came with it. >>host: you want the same experience you know your friends are having. >>caller: not only that but i like to travel from time to time and i hate having to take a laptop through security. then i get to i am going and if i do not use it is like why did i carry this? >>host: a lot of us resonate with that. many people, myself included, which is why i got my tablet, you will never take your laptop with you again.when you compare at 6 lbs. to this that could do virtually the same thing and weighs less than 1 lb., barbara!holiday. thank you for shopping with us. >>caller: it has
4:27 pm
been a pleasure talking to you and i love everything i have gone from hsn. >>host: thank you barbara, goodbye. she is right when you think about the fact you can do your documents, your social networking, games, music movies. aaron berger and myself love hbo, you have hbo-go. anything you could imagine. this is a good time to encourage you to order this. it is our today's special. if you are new you may not realize the today's special which is one product is only designed to last for one-24 our time. only today. the way we have this plan for today is there is a finite amount we could ship immediately and then another quantity later that will extended delivery. if you call now you
4:28 pm
are in a group of people that can get immediate delivery. right now we are 70- 75% sold out of that quantity and a lot of people calling. almost 800 people calling. the driver's seat on this so you can get into immediate delivery shipment. beyond that, i just want you to have fun with that. you will love it. with the free shipping and $39.99 not only the lowest price we have offered act but the best selling 7 in. tablet. . and you have got it today. aaron berger will be with me a little while longer. stay on the phone lines, i could tell with over 27,000 people ordering do not wait a minutelonger. we have a lot of great things coming your way. we will take all your calls coming in.but we would love to give you a brand new kindle-fire tablet. let us find out with
4:29 pm
what is happening with serena- williams from brett chuckerman in our hsn spotlight. [♪ music ♪] >>host: thank you welcome to the spotlight your go- to-guide for all things hsn. we want to make sure know serena williams returns to tomorrow with her signature statement election. she will feature brand new items including tops leggings even a great new handbag. --statement selection can check out her entire of keyword: serenea. [commercial]
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[commercial] [reading]
4:31 pm
[♪ music ♪] >>host: nice to have you shopping with us we just had a presentation on the kindle-fire that remains3 you can shop for it. you can go to or call the toll- 800 number. i this is the perfect companion to go along with the kindle-fire. no matter how popular tablets are there is a certain place in our lives for a computer. computers essentially always will be and continue to be the hub of our homes. tablets are amazing and i love them. but there are some things they just cannot do that simply a computer will do. i get the opportunity to feature for you the best price and the lowest price on the windows 8 laptop ever. we have all heard a little bit about windows-8 and if you have it we will talk to you
4:32 pm
more about it. windows eight is the latest and in this is the best price at $399.95. price on a laptop! is there somebody who would like a new laptop for christmas? if so this is the presentation to get it. check it out four flexpayments$99.99 to get home. we have got a couple different colors to show you. we will talk about all features. it even comes with several hundred dollars of software. looking for a deal? look no further. let me talk to you about the colors. we have got a beautiful red which they call lady bug read blue, red black, silver. how sleek, only 100 remaining silver so that for sure will go lickety- split. let us talk about this from top to bottom. i think
4:33 pm
the number one thing is probably the size. the size is great. >>guest: what is interesting is this size of 11.6 in. this is one of the top growing sizes across the country of computers. a computer that has a better writer and eyes gorgeous hi-def screen with the full power of the dualcore processor. better brighternice size screen. this only weighs about 3 lbs.. incredible battery life beautiful hi- def screen everything you want in a computer. a hi- def webcam.three different usb ports. you could plug-in your multimedia card,as b, x d mmc. you may be looking at the operating screen--sd enceinte that does not look like my windows? that is because this is
4:34 pm
windows 8. --may be saying. this is the lowest price on the windows-8 computer for the rest of the year. just6 c13 kindle-fire, this is the lowest price on a computer as well. what does windows-8 mean? welcome to it. i am crazy about it. i think it is such a triumph on the part of developers at windows. what do i love about windows 8? it has the fun functionality, the playfulness if you will love a tablet because it it has what is called togglesles. it is the power of a computer. and make no mistake of the size, just c13 it is smaller does not mean it is less powerful. this is a dualcore.this is a pc in every way run 70% faster than single may have 17.3 in. at home and i can guarantee you unless you got it recently it will not be any faster the 4 gb
4:35 pm
of ram. one of the things i love to do on the new windows 8, this is how you go from task to task. these are all the windows i have opened moving a finger across the touchpad.and then i am back to the windows 8 homes grained simply. this has the powerd sc on! screen but also there $350 of software. we are the only place in the world. let me show you all programsfull versions! [reading] >>guest: only had this on one other time and we are in scsellout quantities. [reading]
4:36 pm
the of >>guest: the thing that is great about the size you can do it on the go. it is such a great on the go fits right in briefcase or a nice size purse. extended battery life weighs just a couple oz. what people like about this supposed to a tablet, at hsn we give your options. a lot of people full- size keyboard, there it is. a lot of people like a webcam it is built-in. it makes the experience of having a laptop easier faster and i think more user- friendly especially on the go >>host: i agree. with more households having both the tablet and computer this gives you the same portability you have grown accustomed to if you have a tablet. one of the things that is attractive and barbara mentioned it, they are so light weight. here you have light weight slim but
4:37 pm
smaller footprint, a 11.6 in.. the screen is large enough to be ideal.the first thing i thought was college students who are bringing a 7-8 lb. laptop across the campus. i went a state university, i get it. this is perfect. this is great for somebody or family who needs a second computer. the best price that we have notc13 this laptop about any windows 8. this is the lowest price and holiday have got flexpay available for you. for less than $100, we will ship it within the next 48 hours and you will have this. beneath the christmas tree to give as a holiday gift. aaron berger has had one other show and 700 were ordered. i would like to hear your phone calls and show you the colors. this is a brand name we have offered for years. if you have had an amazing experience with acer give us a
4:38 pm
call. will it be the silver that will sell out this hour.100 remaining. we have much better quantities in blue, red and black. there6 c13 at that bright silver with about 100 left. it is a holiday price of $399.95. the challenge with shopping sometimes the list can get so long. how do we fill that wish list? of getting those that we love the things that they want.that is why i have done the majority of my shopping at hsn because i will be candid it is about flexpay and the holiday return policy. remember,if your purchase is a gift, hsn's return policy is now extended until january 31st, 2013! this applies until december 20, 2012. >>host: us talk about you,am i alone when you are shopping you are busy looking for oth things and
4:39 pm
you find something for you be shopping for your spouse or children but you may be looking at laptop and saying yours is so slow you are frustrated with it or want to upgrade it, get this! this is when you want to act is when you get the best value. with over $300 of software. aaron berger will take us to the inside so you can see some of the unique things like the webcam and how fast and also to introduce the windows 8 experience. that is a big part. windows eight has only been here for about month. >>guest: the end of october and it is extraordinary. >>host: is all about apps. >>guest: and i will show you the things you can do on the touchpad. before that i want to show you the power because while windows-8 is a wonderful this is
4:40 pm
the dualcore processor. not only is the the dualcore it is intel. when you think of processors you think of good better best, intel is in the best category. % intel processor inside, dualcore two brains did everything this computer does is about 70% faster. you think i talk fast? we into this computer starts moving boy it moves. that is one of the great things is it is smaller and more portable but you do not sacrifice power6 c13 mighty in every stretch of the imagination. a tablet has about 8 gb. 320 can
4:41 pm
download 80,000 songs, 38 hours of hd video60064,400 photos. a lot of photos, music, movies. i am going to go into the laptop in here is what you will see. you are going to see my screen and those are my fingers down there. i want to show you guys with windows-8 do you see what happens when3 moved the touchpad? everything operates a little bit differently. i could make things larger or smaller by touch. ly to tablet. the power of a computer the ease of a tablet. i know after i do this we will update you on color. silver, i am afraid will sell out. if you love the silver get in on a quick. i opened the picture. in windows 7 what do you do to attach this to an email? opening email, then go to
4:42 pm
the attachment, open the correct file find the picture (...) >>host: i am tired already.6 c13 >>guest: windows- 8. when i go to the right (...) you know what we will have to show them the full screen. swipe my finger share and then i go mail now watch whatit is creating the email for me. there is the pogo. it is attached for me. >>host: the whole interface is easier. c13 >>guest: --there is the photo. c13 more user friendly.i will show you a couple other things, if you want to switch to different programs just move your finger from left to right. % are all the different programs. here is a question i
4:43 pm
get, i love windows 7 what if i want to go back to my desktop? no problem. down here it says desktop. does that look familiar to you? you can get into that windows 7 look anytime you want. i call that the business and and this is the fun e those eight were you have all the cool touch pad, you can get into your tiles.--windows 8. when you want to go to where you are familiar with,if you need a breakc13 which place you know how to use you are comfortable with. there is windows 7 screen.6 c13 can i point out the hi-def video and that dualcore processor make watching anything on the tablet a joy? >>host: want to emphasize the value with $50 off and flexpay. i believe
4:44 pm
this also qualifies for vip financing? let us check on that. if you do have your hsn card or mastercard you want to get on board with this one. it is awesome. if you are ready to experience windows 8, if you want a computer this is the most affordable. in this size and with the flexpay that gives you the chance get this home and secure it for under $100. take action. there is no substitute for a laptop. acer has been and continues to be one of the biggest brand names in the country when it comes to a computer. we have had a wonderful partnership and i know we have sold over 1 million acer laptops hsn. that is why i invite you call on the testimonial talkline. when you think about $300
4:45 pm
of software we are including, all your music. your photographs. that whole, new beautiful easy experience with windows eight we are now you are downloading applications. many of you are familiar with that because you may be using applications on your cell phones or smartphone. here is a graph of all you can do. call us as you place your orders but just now (...)the hard drive still. [reading] >>host: when i look at that and you touched on it, do not get us wrong we love our tablets but your laptop will become the hub because it will be able to store more. >>guest: if you have the gps, telephone
4:46 pm
you plug into your computer recharge them, restore them, update them. >>guest: >>host: 1 is smaller and more light weight. so the portability is going to increase exponentially because it is so much smaller. we were talking earlier present in the tablet how you do not want to a 7-10 lbs laptop. this is not that. which is why it has been so attractive and we have sold almost 1000 of them. i want to remind everybody about the limit to quantities. this is the sweet spot. a lot of people are looking for laptops under $500 we do not have many. this one $399.95, i think the lowest price i have offered. >>guest: lowest price windows 8 laptop we have ever done. >>host: a huge savings and to13 this on flexpay, call us. we got an update,silver we do have available but only 55. so we are
4:47 pm
putting out last call on that one. blue and red have been very popular. re it for holidays. and then we have black. we are going back to telling you more features but use it now.6 c13 ordering we would like to talk to you. i do want to take everybody on a tour of it. because i want you to see all the peripherals and different accessories. >>guest: 3 usb ports, hdmi port webcam. and a good- looking one. we have sold a lot of computers together everyone looks different the webcam looks beautiful. i am holding silver because it will sell out in a few minutes. sleek for a college, high school student i think they would dig the silver. one of the things i love about windows-8 is the touch screen you can move your hand and the computer react so beautifully. you can use a web cam to talk to your friends and family no matter
4:48 pm
where they can see them this has speakers microphone built-in so no matter where you are you are connected to the world as long as you are in range the wi-fi network. let me go back to my windows 8. i could go between the desktop screen which think is the work,+ and windows 8 which i think of as the play endand things you can do on your that you could never do on windows 7. there is a map application built in. the touchpad and that lets me do things which is what is called right to my location.pulled + you can use pinch- zoom to get closer or further away. another thing that is great, pulled down again.and down here i can go to matt sop style. you do
4:49 pm
not see this in windows 7. thesely when those eight. windows-8.a lot of us love to travel there is a wonderful travel application. it is a travel is. it will show you a couple things. there is always a destination that has been highlighted for the day. a couple days ago it was paris which i love.or a couple days ago it new orleans actually today is rome. want to learn more you can do that. one of my other favorite things is downloads panorama pictures from these different cities every day. here is a panarama. let me go to las vegas.think about what this
4:50 pm
computer is doing.3 loading of 360 degree image of the las vegas script right now. look how quickly it did it.--strip statue of liberty, want to see it more closely? i can do that for you. what computer could you do that on before?c13 none. you did not have this easy access to the world and all these extraordinary features on any other type of operating system. >>host: the images are so far better than what they used to be. it feels as if you are right there. have got five minutes remaining for the presentation with 1000 ordered. and we are approaching nearly half the quantity sold out which is great news. this for yourself if you need a new then why not upgrade? we have the best values and we are offering to the year happening this weekend. this is lowest price windows 8 laptop we
4:51 pm
have in stock. i have the best deal on one right now. the flexpay of $100 or if you do have your hsn card no interest for nine months. either or, whatever way you choose to do your shopping this is extraordinary. you have a name brand, windows 8 there is nothing new work. you have a perfect size with the 11.6 in..--thin newe nothing newhere is the software we are including. and there is something there for everyone in your family whether it games, at a tank, adult software.-- editing >>guest: i read about food all the time but i do not have time to cook very often. >>host: there is something there for everybody. are you
4:52 pm
interested in creating your own web site? [reading] these are all full software programs that if you were to go to a store to get on your own you would spend $300. having a new laptop there is nothing like it. it is faster,you get the speed and processing speed you want. with windows 8 introducing you to a whole new world of applications onour is laptop but also has components of a tablet built into one footprint. and amazing value when you think about it. and go to the phone lines how many? five?silver is virtually sold out. we will call that sold out. >>guest: black is very limited. >>host: i was going to tell you out of the for we know silver will be sold out black has been very popular. and it is really good looking. it is
4:53 pm
black on black. if you are getting blue notice the platform and the backdrop is also in blue. the silver i do not want to tease you with the right and then we have readd. an unbelievable return policy. a lot of companies charge you are restocking fee.remember,if your purchase is a gift hsn's return policy is now extended until january 31st, 2013! this applies until december 20, 2012. and we do not take you up with restocking fees. is great when you combine the flexpay, the extended return, brand recognition and the different configurations as we call it of what we give you of that $300 of software it is a remarkable way to sit back in your home and order. the only challenge is during this time of year we have a lot of people shopping. now with 1000 gone and a little bit over 1000 left. that is why the silver is almost gone and
4:54 pm
black will be the next to go. if you want those two colors act on it as quickly as you can. start top the bottom. if you are just tuning in, you can get a narrow snapshot of everything we are delivering. >>guest: i do want to give you a quick heads up and spend 30 seconds on this and the more time. everybody needs anti virus on the computer. 6 c13 vipre anti-virus which protects 10 computers for the life of them. for $89 and change. so it is about $9 per computer. plug it in you do not need to update or ever paid for it again. it protects 10 computers for the life of them. there is over 100,000 malware, spyware, trojans all those things every day. they come out every day. what vipre does is it protect your
4:55 pm
computer against those every single day. you do not need to think about it again. once you plug this into your computer you could give it to marlo your mom your dad, your best friend10 people, 10 devices can use it are protected for the life of them. also the wonderful thing about vipre is it as a lifetime toll-free customer service. we are going to give you a quick tour of the computer. to usb ports on this of them you could use to plug-in your vipre. and there is another usb port on the other side. moving around to the front you could plug in an sd card mmc, crawl car. micro card. and it is not workable. it
4:56 pm
even has an ethernet port which is on comment for computer this small. >>host: is there an optical drive? >>guest: no,, you coul plug one into it. >>host: it makes it far lighter than the other laptops out there. like to have it keeps your phone calls coming. we have sold this hour for hundred of them. that leaves us with just about 1000 left. --400 if you want a black remember to put your order and because that will sellout next. and, the silver is gone? completely sold out. black, 150 left and that will probably sellout before the final airing. and then we have blue, red. last call on the black.
4:57 pm
if you want that one make sure to get your orders in. $99.99. we have more great things coming your way. coming up next hour, we will give you another look at the kindle- fire. i want to kind of what your appetite for that. i also have a 50 in. tv. we were talking about protecting laptop. you have to have protection. the malware, viruses, different trojans out there. you are hearing about that stuff all the time. you go to social websites especially looking up your favorite celebrity (...) >>guest: it is so easy to get a virus. you are doing something that seems innocent anybody who gets on the internet. if do not have protection or anti virus do6 c13 computer on. i mean that. this is the 20,0002013 urversion. protecting you
4:58 pm
against every sort of threat. not like the other anti virus programs that you have to pay for every year or they are not updated once you get vipre and spend $89.95 and even on flexpay, you never spend another penny. you are done. you do not need to renew every. but it renews itself against3 viruses, it puts a fire wall on your computer so people can not come into your and take information out. it does not just protect your computer however nine others. 10 of them for the lifetime of them. for years i have spent $60 per year on a so many i have had it is like $500 over the life of the computer. $9 for this one. and $9 for nine others. that is what works out to in their protective forever. and it is not a secondary program.
4:59 pm
fortune 500 companies, government agencies have used vipre for years and hsn exclusively will make this available to in this sort of configuration with multiple licenses. >>host: i use it and it is so easy to install. a lot of people think what is the install like? you plug it in t gives you all the directions. i had the norton online because they give you a 30 day period so i just on installed it. and then i went ahead and it takes in just a few minutes.takes you through each step. and it is simple. never installed anti virus, you can do it. and it takes care of 10 computers. mind, aaron berger, my producer (...) >>guest: you do not need on install any more because this is the 2013 version. >>host: mind, i had
5:00 pm
to. >>guest: this does it for you. it is windows 8 compatible and windows 7. when you put it in this will uninstall any of your anti virus programs you have already.customer support. the customer support for vipre and marlo has a great story, it is better than any other anti-virus i have seen.a lifetime of toll- free u.s.-based customer support. support monday-friday, 9:00 a.m.-9:00 matter what your question is this will make your computer run faster, smoothercomputers that you may think are outdated where they have viruses malware, you put vipre in and lead a clean up your old computers as well. >>host: you buy it one time and you are done. for 10 to read or 10 laptops. so it is
5:01 pm
amazing. i hope you will get it. aaron berger will be back next hour and we are going to give you another look at the kindle-fire. i know we had sold 26,000 of the today's special so far today.if you want a chance, we are featuring it for you at the lowest price is your one day only kindle-fire everybody is talking about. the number one tablet on the market. in the 7 in. platform. $199.95 and five flexpayments of $39.99. aaron berger will be back. over 5000 of the anti virus capsule. thank you for your phone calls. continue to shop with us for the acer.
5:02 pm
6 c13 >>host: the price is fun! price $ do not even have to wrap that! his old tricks again, i wish the button was. it is ultrathin >>host: we have talked quite a bit about upgrading in the electronic connection. maybe do not even have a high definition tv or maybe you have not lcd and you want to upgrade. cannot think of a better way to upgrade then to get directly
5:03 pm
in led tv. no. 1 they are the hottest selling tvs out there. you get a better picture and that is sick. no. -- is it >>host: size matters when it comes to tvs. you have your 32 in. tvs 40 to this fabulous and i do not know anyone that ever complains that the tv is too big, and especially in the ultra thin format. than a lot of picture frames to have on your wall now. it is big becauseand that is something that you do not hear people use to talk about with big screen tvs.
5:04 pm
is the lowest price we are offering in a 50 in. and the lowest price 50 in. led and i will tell you if you can get and led but here is the icing on the cake. it has odyssey premium audio technology. when it comes to tvs want this big 50 in screen that people walking in and go wow and have little squeaky sounds coming out of that want big bold sound coming out of the tv right? it has a beautiful on the c e honeodyssey weq
5:05 pm
add to that the price of $8999.95 but only until midnight and then the price goes away. by flex payments and that will change at midnight and that we even have free shipping and handling and that makes it even better and vip financing with the hsn credit card or mastercard.lori leland is joining us and she happens to be one of the electronic guests and she has worked with the toshiba company for 15 years. >>guest: yes i have. . is a wonderful brand this is one of the top tier6 high echelon brands. what you think of that sleak streamlined >>host: when we say streamline when you see it you will get it.
5:06 pm
>>caller: 3 little less than >>guest: it is a little less than 2 in. about an inch and a half. all the inputs are facing this side so you can wall mount this. 1080 p high- definition and one of the mesh streamline packages we everbefore inand sound quality also. odyssey sound is one of the biggest names and it is like having to go out and buy that sound for your tv, this reallyit all. led, that is one of the things the marlo and i feel strong about. if you can say yes today to upgrade at this price you get something so big and bright and beautiful and vivid it will not disappoint you and it will be a crowd pleaser for your whole family. you get blacker blacks and wider
5:07 pm
white whites if you are upgrading right now from a 32 in., this is going to be a night and day difference is overnt more viewing space you will save now you will not have to have that big c r t and it packs a major wow. -- crt >>guest: this is 50 in. on the teacher and a team into the whole new level. >>host: is not this where you want to be now?
5:08 pm
>>host: i do not know anyone that goes in and says they want smaller tv? [laughter] the cost is usually so prohibitive that you cannot find that happy medium. you can now if a mall easily it is about name-brand and value because the savings of $899.95 and the toshiba name and one of the biggest names out there and an ultra slim tv with the highest high definition and this clear picture is completely6 c13 of an led i know we have talked about it but shipping and handling also makes a in the flex pay of $179.99. throughout all the inventory we carry a lot of brand names sony mitsubishi, lg, etc..our lowest price 50
5:09 pm
in. led tv ever ! lowest price 50 in.6 c13 ever offered.3 hundreds of selections record fine on the web site, and this is the one as far as savings, value and as i i met a little bit earlier with lori and she said what you love about it? i said i love the 50 in size because bigger is better and is so thin and narrow. there are a lot of tvs that have an inch and a half-2 in. and it takes up some of your space but this is virtually all frame less, and i love you get all tv. >>guest: this is one of the smallest vessels we have ever offered on tv and it is all tv. it is
5:10 pm
all the beautiful visual and what you are going to be able see on it. this is the way we educate and entertain ourselves and to have something with an upgrade in incredible of craig. you are getting with 120 hz and that simply means if you are watching fast action orback (...) nothing is following in around like ghosting or trailing. the latest technology built-in and even a dynamic setting you can adjust backlighting to the led. if you really want the image to pop. let's talk about led not only is not the highest of high3 the with led you can create a smaller
5:11 pm
package and that is what we have done here.less than 2 in. and something the looks beautiful on the wall as we have shown you. this super energy efficient and as your making a purchase to they consider you are coin to be able to run it day in and day out for and you will only be paying pennies a day to power in it because it is the ultra low voltage. it is also super lightweight it is about48 lbs. with the base. you can pick up and bringing in rooms. previously i used to have to have help with the c r t tvs. -- crt >>guest: it is so modern with the smaller bezel and sleak frame is one to be beautiful with it on the dresser on the wall or in
5:12 pm
the family looks as sleek and modern in your home. >>host: i was doing some research on the internet and what to buy this holiday season.tablets are hotter than and outside that the hottest thing and these are from consumers, the hottest thing to get our tvs. why? because you at this point in time it the best values on tvs.- when did you ever think you would get a 50 in. led tv for less than a thousand dollars? i purchased a 32 in. from right here at hsn it was a today's special and i got a eight years ago it% was $1,200 and it was a today's special! you go from
5:13 pm
that to 50 in. for under $900! -- ap >>host: the prices have gone ridiculous when it comes to value for what you are getting for your money. ask the experts is time to get that big tv. know how we wait because it is too expensive or cost too much, now is the time to embrace and and buy. a 50 in. if this was the price for a 32 or 40 in. i would say was a slamming deal but for a 50 and i would say honey camp out! without the of the free shipping and handling and then the avenue and platform that we create for you to be able to use a credit card and then take your time and pay
5:14 pm
for it over the course of five months. >>guest: so. >>host: he's an amazing phenomena that we can offer it to you and you can have as a family gift or thegift for dad. you say look at what you for christmas but everybody in the family watches the big ball game coming up for all the awards shows (...) >>guest: and everyone will be wanting to come over to your house if you have the big toshiba tv and gather >>host: around thisaround only to have a phenomenal picture quality but led is a big part of the story for this value to get an led 50 anshan this is the lowest price we have ever offered on any 50 in. and we have jvc samsung sony, mitsubishi and all the here
5:15 pm
at hsn and this is the lowest 50 and for under $1,000 with free shipping and handling and flex pays. 50 in. -- they do not all talk about sound quality but when it comes a 50 in., i can imagine being a traditional electronics store and you should have about 75 tvs on wall and what is the one thing you never get? you turn up the volume but you never really get it that this as an added bonus that we are calling out to seodyssey sound. it is so important because what good does it do you to have a massive 50 engine and havel itsy-bitsy sounds coming out of the? -- hsvbyou do not
5:16 pm
have to get a surround sound system because this is odyssey sound is more crisp and clear than ever before and odyssey is a really high and sound company that has a partner with toshiba the sound is as good as the picture. the full feature remote control and if you touch the input button i love the fact the you can label all of your inputs. if you put this in your mother- in-law's hand and you say you want her to put it the gaming mode or puts the input button and then through all the selections with the arrow and that is all there is to can name every one of your inputs which i think is a wonderful feature.customize the look
5:17 pm
of your tv with your picture mode. there is a but n the top that will enable you to do and movie and [c etcd pc etc. utton >>guest: lookout is adjusting the leds in the background and is giving you more brightness in the and more to the bridge details in the blacks. you can pop it on the dynamic mode and enjoy color like you never seen before on the big screen tv. all the different methods edger fingertips and i touched one button to access that and is that simple and easy.3 hdmi inputscompleted into
5:18 pm
every want to. it is not only about the quality and the sound but the size. yes >>host: indeed girlfriend! [laughter] qr app rating from the 30 to end 50 in. going to 145 times largepercent larger.-- if you aregrading >>host: tv and i purchase 32 in. 720 p lcd tv and i paid $1,200 for it eight years ago. >>guest: price compared to the value! >>host: it is totally like night and day. i am in the process ofng all of mine to led tvs. there is a difference guys. >>guest: there is. >>host: not everybody an led
5:19 pm
tv. for whatever reason if you are not buying this tv today, when you are ready get into in led.when you are ready to3 homework and get into an led. if you are ready and saying you know what you are really want for christmas right? what does my husband or partner really want for christmas? get what you really, really want because the values are so amazing! but talking 50 in. led tv! the number one selling size in flat screen tvs are 32 in.. we showed you what it looked like but a mention a 50 in. at a price of under $900 with free shipping and handling and five credit card payments of $179.99.that plus tax and we
5:20 pm
deliver it to you right away. if you like it, grab. >>guest: the 40 in. did feel like a wow, so why not move into the bedroom. this will be 52% larger of what you may have now. i love my tablet and you were just talking about some of the greatest devices in our lives but i use my tv more than any other device because it is always on and giving the backgroundd quality also is great for the family we love and at the holidays watching christmas programming. this is the time to treat your family to an upgrade. >>host: we are into the colder season and we are going to be inside more.we wanted to show it off to more this a way for you to really get something that you 1 a big
5:21 pm
bowl of popcorn and watching a great movie. you will have this tv for a decade but look at this! to some hallmark and i am ado some homework and i like to see what consumer experts are saying about prices of products in the industry and when to buy and it is not good to buy this year. they are saying this is the year to get your tv! >>guest: now definitely. >>host: year ago you could evencould not even get a 50 in. built- in led and customized sound.
5:22 pm
dynamic volume and it has a new speaker design and that is what gets me excited because i am all about a great picture but i also want good sound. been bitten by the bug where i purchased the big screen and i bought it based on the picture and while that's important to get that true movie theater experience you need great picture an amazing sound quality and this! delivers delivers both! 5 credit-card payments 107 $9.99. i think about how we have to some of the sacrifices and life. it is part of being an adult. -- $179. >>host: sometimes you have to splurge and get the things you want rather than what you need. a 32 in. practical but sometimes you are
5:23 pm
like you know? >>guest: get something a little more. >>host: sheila in taxes is joining us and happy holidays and nice to the shopping with us today. what do you think? i am very impressed.i have been looking for an led and i have not found on this large for this price.i would have tosettle for a 40 in. 32 in. tv. by lee eye gel said go for it it may be your last opportunity to it at this price. >>host: sheila is a smart choice in all of our and you probably watched t and know that we carry jvc sony, you know all the brands and we sell them and our entire inventory have hundreds of tvs now
5:24 pm
and the 50 in. is the lowest tv that we currently have so you made the right choice. >>caller: it secure convincing. you did not talk about the sound quality it made me convinced i should get it. >>host: as long as you pay the $179.99 we do not charge any interest. >>caller: no and if this paid off within five months. >>host: and you will have something that you love and you a month for go something. you say you love this tv and have it for years. what really going to put in the family room? >>caller: yes the family room. thank
5:25 pm
you and have a great holiday. bye-bye. >>host: sheila made the right decision and write down the item number because this offer is available until midnight tonight. you all we have until midnight tonight to think about it and is free shipping and handling and $179.99 on flex pay ends tonight. led and 50 in. toshiba, brand name that you know. audyssey sound that sheila spoke about. even if you do by this tv, when you are ready consider all the features and i particularly know that a better tv because we do get caught up in the picture. that is part of the equation
5:26 pm
but you sound and the best technology that you can afford.led is exactly where it is at. you do not 50 in. at under $1,000 sentence.50 in. today for under $900 a >>guest: popped in a thumb drive and now i am scrolling through all my pictures on my 50 in. tv! you can do that with this tv as well. >>host: thank you for shopping with lori, thank you. >>guest: thank you marlo >>host: we are going to see what's happening in hsn spotlight with pratt and then on the other side a look at our kindle today's special. -- brett [♪music♪] >>host: welcome to the spotlight and i want to make
5:27 pm
you know to stop by the hsnfashion tale holiday hunt game. you can win arcade tickets and even hsn holiday items you can come back and play more and more to get extra tickets for a chance to enter the items you just found or $500 hsn gift card. how about gifts for everyone else? check out the ages and gift store while you are playing the arcade and beat the crowds to find a variety of gifts for everyone on your list from electronics to beauty and jewelry and more. special pricing and flex payments on certain items of we are going to take care of all helen keaney and sun -- all your eyetality needs on -- all of your holiday
5:28 pm
needs on [commercial]
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[reading] [♪music♪] >>host: h i am suzanne runyan coming up is 2 hours of coins. if you are really trying to look for the most unusual and the most unique gift to this year, it is in my 2 hours.


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